SiteGround and the other top 5 hosting companies

Best Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies are popping everywhere, hence, it would be confusing to select which one of them is the best. There is no perfect company, but there are those who are better than the others.

All websites need a web host to keep them up and running. Most industry analysts and observers rate web host companies according to important aspects, such as reliability, features, control panel or cPanel, free domain, bandwidth, storage space, price and technical support. One web host is great when it comes to hosting an e-commerce store. Another host tops when talking about website builder while another would excel when it comes to WordPress blogs.

Here are the best web hosting firms, analyzed from their page load time, uptime and how their tech support handles customers.


Most people in the industry and customers pick SiteGround as the top notch company, especially when it comes to WordPress hosting and customer service. One can refer to siteground which is a great resource for information about the web host.

With a startup plan of $3.95 per month, one gets all the essential features of running a website, unlimited bandwidth, 10GB space, free website builder and domain name plus the famous round-the-clock technical support. Siteground Web Hosting Reviews is a great resource for firm’s features, strong and weak points.The company promises its more than 500,000 websites almost zero downtime with 99.99 percent uptime. It also offers 30-day money back guarantee.

Siteground Web Hosting Reviews and other review sites would talk about how the company fares with others when it comes to WordPress hosting. It is a great resource of quality web host services at some of the most affordable prices one will find. Its painless tech support takes customers through live chat in less than 30 seconds. Its specialists are likewise knowledgeable of the essential security measures of WordPress. Check on Siteground Web Hosting Reviews as it is a great resource for everything SiteGround.

With only $3.95 monthly fee, the features discussed in Siteground Web Hosting Reviews, which is a great source of information about SiteGround, that come with the package, such as fast loading speed make the prices friendlier. The downsides of the company are limited storage space and that its annual subscribers are the only ones who avail the best prices. Check on the Siteground Web Hosting Reviews which is a great resource for what actual customers are talking about the firm.

The following are the remaining 4 of the top 5 hosting companies which are best for small businesses, hobby sites, beginners or those who are testing new ideas:

Bluehost ($2.95 monthly)

Bluehost is a fast, professional website hosting firm.  With only $2.95 a month, one gets a free website builder, free domain name, 50GB space, unlimited bandwidth, 99.99 percent uptime and a free round-the-clock tech support. It hosts more than 1.9 million websites and offers money back guarantee anytime.

Bluehost has been an official WordPress host for years, offering special platform options like support for the ManageWP handy site management tool. It provides server setups optimized especially for WordPress with custom PHP-FPM and NGINX configurations.

GreenGeeks ($3.96 monthly)

The eco-friendly yet powerful web hosting firm is GreenGeeks which provides unlimited space and bandwidth, 99.99 percent uptime, free website builder and domain name for only $3.96 per month. The plan comes with a free 24/7 technical support as well. It hosts more than 300,000 websites worldwide and offers a 30 – day money back guarantee.

Furthermore, a GreenGeeks account has a footprint of positive energy on the environment as the web host company replaces the energy amount the website uses with wind power credits.

Inmotion hosting ($4.89 monthly)

Inmotion hosting company offers unlimited space and bandwidth along with a free website builder and domain name for only $4.89 per month. It promises a 99.96 percent uptime and a free technical support that is available 24/7. The company is hosting more than 300,000 websites and offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Dreamhost ($8.95 monthly)

Unlimited bandwidth and space plus a 100 percent uptime are what one would get with Dreamhost for only $8.95 monthly fee. Included in the package is a free website builder and domain name plus a free technical support.

SiteGround has convenient plans good for newbies and startups. Check out Siteground Web Hosting Reviews for a great resource of facts and information about the web host.